Callout | 14.11.21

17:08 – Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to two people in the water following a capsize off of Seaton.

Lyme Lifeboat had already been tasked, along with Coastguard Helo R187 and Beer Coastguard, and requesting assistance.

With one casualty already ashore, a second casualty was picked up by Lyme Lifeboat, just as Sidmouth Lifeboat was launching. However, one person was still missing as darkness fell.

Sidmouth 2 and Exmouth Lifeboat both launched. With three lifeboats and the Helo searching, and Exmouth Lifeboat on its way, the missing casualty was located by the Helo and picked up by Lyme Lifeboat. The casualty was then winched by the Helo and taken ashore.

Lyme and Exmouth were stood down while Sidmouth Lifeboat took the casualty vessel in tow for recovery at Beer Beach.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Martin Barnard, Jim Brewster, Toby Hoggarth

Sidmouth 2 Boat Crew: Tony Martin, Cameron Baker

Tractor Driver: Paul May

DLA: Phil Shepperd

Shore Crew: Andy Mitchell, Andy Horsely, Brian Taylor, Andy Hardy, Peter Rosenfeld, Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker

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