False Alarm in Salcombe Mouth: Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat Responds to SOS Signal

Date: 28.06.24

Time tasked: 23:33

Callout #: 4

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat launched following a report of SOS being signalled by torch in the Salcombe Mouth area.

An extensive close inshore search was conducted, using searchlights and night vision equipment. Nothing found, other than a fisherman on the shore using an occasional light. Lifeboat stood down and recovered at 00:24.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Jim Brewster, Martin Barnard, Kyle Baker

Tractor Driver: Paul May

DLA: Phil Shepperd

Shore Crew: Guy Bennett, Tony Martin, Ed Birch, Cameron Baker, Mark Davies, Andy Horsely, Pete Rosenfeld, Andy Mitchell, Alice Dutton, Mike Dance.

Wind speed: Force 2

Wind: NW

Visibility: Very good

Photo credit: Henry Williams

All enquiries: media@sidmouthlifeboat.org.uk

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