False Alarm Resolved: Pot Marker Mistaken for Person Near Sidmouth Beach

Date: 27.05.24

Time tasked: 18:42

Callout #: 2

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was alerted by Solent Coastguard to a possible person face down in the water 100m off of Sidmouth Port Royal beach.

Beer and Sidmouth Coastguard teams, a Coastguard helo and Lyme lifeboat were also tasked.

From the shore, Sidmouth Lifeboat crew immediately identified the object as a pot marker buoy 30m out. Two crew swam out and brought it ashore to avoid further false alarms.

All units stood down at 19:22. Many thanks to all involved.

Wind speed: 2-3

Wind: SW

Visibility: Good

Photo credit: Henry Williams

All enquiries: media@sidmouthlifeboat.org.uk

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