Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat assist in search for missing person

Date: 10.08.22

Time launched: 10:05

Call out #: 9

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat along with our local Coastguard colleagues were tasked to assist in the search for a missing person.

A thorough search was conducted between Salcombe Mouth and Big Picket at multiple distances from the shoreline, including close shoreline searches by Sidmouth Lifeguards.

The lifeboat returned to station at 13:45 to give the crew a well earned break from the heat. The Lifeboat was then re-tasked at 14:45 to continue the search alongside Exmouth ALB and Helicopter Rescue 187.

The search was extended to include Sandy Bay, but by 16:45 nothing further was found and the lifeboat returned to station at remained on stand-by for possible re-tasking.


Boat Crew: Martin Barnard (Helm), Kyle Baker, Toby Hoggarth, Mark Davies

Tractor Driver: Paul May

DLA: Si Priestley, Phil Shepperd

Shore Crew: Guy Bennett Jim Brewster Ben Lemaitre Pete Rosenfeld

Lifeguards: Guy Russell Henry Williams Joshua Miller



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