Callout 11.11.20 | 08:47

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard Rescue team, after concerns were raised for a dinghy with two males aboard heading out to Beer Head in heavy swell. Sidmouth Lifeboat arrived on scene as Beer Coastguard had reached the casualties, whose dinghy had washed up on the rocks. Beer and Lyme Coastguard teams assisted the two casualties up to the cliff top, where they were interviewed by the police and given plenty of safety advice about conditions and what safety equipment they should have been wearing or have with them. All units were then stood down. Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down at 09:46.

Boat crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Graham Trude, Dave Pearce, Toby Hoggarth.

Shore crew: Katrina McIlveen, Jim Brewster, Brian Taylor, Guy Bennett.

Tractor driver: Peter Rosenfeld

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Sea conditions: Wind SSW F 4-6

Sea state: Moderate sea, swell 1.5-2m

While back on station preparing the boat for service, the crew took part in a two minute silence in honour of Armistice Day. Today, we remember those who have served and/or lost their lives in wars across the world. #lestweforget

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