Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat and Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards work together to assist casualty on seafront

Date: 25.06.22

Callout #: 5

At approximately 13.30, Sidmouth Lifeboat Crew were requested by Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards to provide assistance to an injured member of the public who had tripped on the kerb and was suffering with severe leg and hip pain

Sidmouth Lifeboat Crew administered pain relief on scene and provided first aid, with the support of Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards, until the ambulance arrived at approximately 14.00.

Thank you to everyone involved. We wish the casualty a speedy recovery!

Crew: Andy Mitchell, Jim Brewster

Wind speed: Force 5 Wind: S
Visibility: Good
Max Wave Height (m): 2
Persons assisted: 1

Note: Photograph for illustrative purposes only. No photos were taken during the callout. Credit: Kyle Baker Photography


Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat and Lyme Regis Lifeboat work together to safely return two casualties to Sidmouth

Date: 17.06.22

Time Launched: 19:20

Callout #: 4

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to assist Lyme Regis Lifeboat with the transfer of casualties from a vessel under tow, back to Sidmouth. 

Using the Sea Rider (Sidmouth 2) Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat rendezvoused with Lyme Regis Lifeboat, and transferred the two casualties back to Sidmouth – both were tired, but otherwise well. 

Sidmouth 2 then returned to Lyme Regis Lifeboat and took the casualties’ vessel under tow, to bring the vessel back to Sidmouth, returning to station at 20:20.

Many thanks to everyone involved.

Boat crew: Tony Martin (Helm), Guy Bennett

Shore crew: Jim Brewster, Toby Hoggarth, Ed Birch, Paul May, Andy Mitchell

DLA: Si Priestley

Wind speed: Force 2-3Wind: SE
Visibility: Very Good
Max Wave Height (m): 1
Persons assisted: 2

Note: Photograph for illustrative purposes only. It shows Sidmouth 2 in training. No photos were taken during the callout. Credit: Kyle Baker Photography


Sidmouth Lifeboat called out | Callout #2 | 13.05.22

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked by Solent at 08:28 to assist Devon & Cornwall Police and HM Coastguard in a search for a missing person.

A search was carried out from Ladram Bay to Salcombe Mouth and back.

After nothing was found, Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down at 09.23.

Boat Crew: Jim Brewster (Helm), Dave Pearce, Kyle Baker, Ed Birch

Tractor Driver: Paul May

Shore Crew: Si Priestley, Guy Bennett, Ian Fletcher, Pete Rosenfeld, Ben Lemaitre

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Lost surfboard no cause for concern | Callout #1 | 19.02.22

Sidmouth Lifeboat was paged to a report of a surfboard that had washed ashore at Clifton Beach.

As the sea conditions were marginal for the launch of the Searider and with the Arctic off service, due to the trailer refurbishment, the decision was made not to attempt a Searider launch unless absolutely necessary.

Sidmouth Lifeboat crew met with HM Coastguard at Clifton Beach, where the board was reunited with its owner.

Meanwhile, Coxswain Guy Bennett had been out surfing, so was able to monitor the surfer in question after he lost his board when the leash snapped, ensuring he was able to safely swim back to shore.

Sidmouth Lifeboat responds to reports of drifting kayak

29th November 2021 | 10:56

Solent Coastguard requested Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat investigate an empty kayak, reported to be drifting close to the shore at Sandy Cove, to the east of Ladram Bay.

Sidmouth 2 launched and proceeded to the area, before conducting a thorough search of the area from Jacobs Ladder to Brandy Head.

With nothing found, and Solent not in contact with the first informant, the lifeboat was stood down with thanks.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Jim Brewster.

Shore Crew: Guy Bennett, Martin Barnard, Andy Horsely, Peter Rosenfeld, Mark Davies.

DLA: Phil Shepperd.

Sidmouth Lifeboat assists Air Ambulance and Coastguard with head injury

28th November 2021.

Crew member Brian Taylor and Support Team member Keith Bartles rendered assistance to Devon Air Ambulance and the Coastguard when a young boy fell from the promenade onto beach.

The casualty sustained head injuries when he hit the exposed concrete ledge below.

Sidmouth Lifeboat’s First Aid kit was used to provide first responder care to the casualty, who was conscious throughout.

The casualty was taken to RD&E for further treatment and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Callout | 14.11.21

17:08 – Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to two people in the water following a capsize off of Seaton.

Lyme Lifeboat had already been tasked, along with Coastguard Helo R187 and Beer Coastguard, and requesting assistance.

With one casualty already ashore, a second casualty was picked up by Lyme Lifeboat, just as Sidmouth Lifeboat was launching. However, one person was still missing as darkness fell.

Sidmouth 2 and Exmouth Lifeboat both launched. With three lifeboats and the Helo searching, and Exmouth Lifeboat on its way, the missing casualty was located by the Helo and picked up by Lyme Lifeboat. The casualty was then winched by the Helo and taken ashore.

Lyme and Exmouth were stood down while Sidmouth Lifeboat took the casualty vessel in tow for recovery at Beer Beach.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Martin Barnard, Jim Brewster, Toby Hoggarth

Sidmouth 2 Boat Crew: Tony Martin, Cameron Baker

Tractor Driver: Paul May

DLA: Phil Shepperd

Shore Crew: Andy Mitchell, Andy Horsely, Brian Taylor, Andy Hardy, Peter Rosenfeld, Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker

Callout | 26.10.21

Sidmouth 2 tasked to assist police and coastguard searching for a missing person at Ladram Bay.

After an hour at sea, lifeboat crew stood down following a positive outcome.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher, Kyle Baker.

Shore Crew: Brian Taylor, Andy Horsely, Andy Mitchell, Guy Bennett, Peter Rosenfeld.

Sidmouth Lifeboat recovers after an early morning callout on 24th September 2021

Callout | 24.09.21

At 5.01am, Sidmouth Lifeboat launched and commenced a shoreline search for a vulnerable missing person, along with Sidmouth and Beer coastguard teams, police and Sidmouth Fire Service.

Police had already conducted a search of the seafront area with no success.

The missing person was found safe and well in the Port Royal vicinity, and all units were stood down.

Crew: Jim Brewster (Helm), Guy Bennett, Simon Priestley, Cameron Baker.

Tractor: Brian Taylor.

Shore crew: Andy Mitchell, Pete Rosenfeld, Martin Barnard.

DLA: Phil Shepperd

Sidmouth Lifeboat tows a stricken boat to safety

Callouts | 20.09.21

At around 18:15, a member of the public contacted Sidmouth Lifeboat boathouse to report that his son had phoned him from his kayak and was struggling to paddle back in against the tide.

The lifeboat launched and located the kayaker, a little tired but otherwise in good spirits, around 1.5 miles off the coast of Sidmouth.

Both the kayaker and kayak were taken aboard and returned to Sidmouth.

Sidmouth Lifeboat then immediately responded to a Pan Pan for a broken down vessel off Sherborne Rocks. On arrival it was established that the vessel was having engine trouble and required a tow back to Axmouth Harbour.

The vessel was well-maintained, had recently been serviced and all persons on board had lifejackets. The owner had a good knowledge of the sea conditions, a VHF radio and appropriate training. They had done everything right, which just goes to show that sometimes things just happen that are out of your control which highlights the importance of being properly equipped for the sea.

Sidmouth Lifeboat crew towed the vessel back to Axmouth and the Lifeboat returned to station.

Helm: Si Priestley

Crew: Ed Birch, Katrina McIlveen, Tony Martin

Tractor Driver: Pete Rosenfeld

Shore Crew: Cameron Baker, Jim Brewster, Brian Taylor, Kyle Baker

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Media enquiries:

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat

Callouts 25.08.21 | 18:35

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to two persons reported to be in difficulty on Little Picket Rock. On arrival, the Lifeboat assessed both individuals and determined they were well and both wearing wetsuits.

Due to the rising tide, the Lifeboat monitored their progress back to Jacobs Ladder Beach where they were met by Beer Coastguard Rescue Team and provided with safety advice.

Just after being stood down from the first tasking, but while still on the water, Sidmouth Lifeboat was re-tasked to reports of two paddleboarders in difficulty in the tidal waters by Exmouth Harbour. Exmouth RNLI was also tasked.

On arrival, the Lifeboat identified the two individuals as having made it safely to the shore.

Stood down at approx. 20:30. Many thanks to all involved.

Helm: Tony Martin.

Tractor Drivers: Guy Bennet, Andy Horsely.

Boat Crew: Dave Pearce, Jim Brewster, Toby Hoggarth.

Shore Crew: Andy Mitchell, Cameron Baker, Ed Birch, Paul May.

Launch Authority: Ian Fletcher

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat
Photo: Cameron Baker

CALLOUT | 22.06.21 | 00:06

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to evacuate a casualty with a suspected broken ankle from Littlecombe Shute.

The casualty had already been attended to and stretchered to the shore by Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, who then stretchered her 450m along the shore, to a point they believed would be accessible to the lifeboat in the prevailing conditions.

Both Sidmouth Lifeboat and Sidmouth 2 launched. Despite the swell, total darkness and numerous submerged rocks, Coxswain Guy Bennett managed to get the bow of the lifeboat onto the beach for long enough to allow the casualty to be taken aboard in a stretcher and brought safely back to Sidmouth.

Following a net recovery, the casualty was transferred to South Western Ambulance Service.

Many thanks to all involved.

Boat Crew: Guy Bennett (Helm); Dave Pearce, Kyle Baker, Toby Hoggarth, Tony Martin, Martin Barnard.

Shore Crew: Jim Brewster, Katrina McIlveen, Mark Davies, Andy Mitchell, Pete Rosenfeld, Andy Horsely, Cameron Baker

Tractor Driver: Ian Fletcher

DLA: Phil Shepperd

Callout 13.06.21 | 12:16

Sidmouth Lifeboat Crew were tasked to a lady who had fallen on the slope down to the beach. The casualty had sustained a suspected fracture and a cut to her ankle, with bruising and swelling.The Lifeboat Crew provided fist aid, applied a vacuum splint and stretchered the casualty into the boathouse to wait for family to take her to hospital.We wish the casualty a very speedy recovery. Many thanks to all involved.

Sidmouth Lifeboat_Latest callout_15.04.21_1040

Callout 15.04.21 | 10:40

In the third callout within 24 hours, Sidmouth Lifeboat launched to assist the coastguard with a search for a missing male. The lifeboat conducted a shore line search between Ladram Bay and Salcombe Mouth.

After nothing was found, the lifeboat was stood down at 12:45.

Once again, many thanks to all involved.

Sidmouth Lifeboat Logo

Callout 15.04.21 | 03:05

Sidmouth Lifeboat was placed on immediate standby, kitted up at the lifeboat station, to assist police and coastguard with a potential incident. Not related to the callout earlier in the evening. At 04:00 the incident had resolved and all units were stood down.Many thanks to everyone involved.

Sidmouth Lifeboat Callout 14 April at 2000

Callout 14.04.21 | 20:00

Whilst returning to station following a training session, Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Devon & Cornwall Police alongside Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team and Exmouth RNLI. Following an extensive search from Ladram Bay to Salcombe Mouth, then Sidmouth to Salcombe Mouth, Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down.

Callout 28.02.21 | 14:10

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard Rescue Team with a search for an inflatable dingy that had launched at Seaton and was heading out to sea in a strong NE breeze, with two persons on board.

Whilst preparing to launch, the lifeboat was put on standby before being stood down at 14:38, as the dinghy and its occupants had been found safe and well on Hooken Beach, where they were escorted by the coastguard to Branscombe Mouth on foot and provided with safety advice.

As Sidmouth Lifeboat’s rig was travelling back up the beach, the clutch failed on the tractor. A huge thank you to our engineer Paul, who spent three hours attending to the rig on the beach, before it was able to return to station.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone involved.

As the weather warms and lockdown restrictions ease over the coming months, please don’t take safety for granted when enjoying our beautiful coastline. Always check the sea conditions, wind direction and weather forecast, make sure you have proper safety equipment with you, such as lifejackets, a mobile phone and/or radio, and tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

Callout 04.02.21 | 00:22

Sidmouth Lifeboat was paged at 00:22, on standby to assist Exmouth Coastguard Rescue TeamBeer Coastguard Rescue TeamDevon & Cornwall Police and Senior Coastguard operations officer to an incident on the coast.

Sidmouth Lifeboat stood down without needing to launch at 01:20.

As always, many thanks to everyone involved.

Sidmouth Lifeboat Logo

Callout 01.02.21 | 20:15

Sidmouth Lifeboat was paged to assist Beer Coastguard, Exmouth Coastguard, Devon & Cornwall Police, Coastguard Helo and Senior Coastguard Operations Officer with an incident on the coast.

The incident had a successful outcome before the lifeboat launched. Thank you to everyone involved.

Sidmouth Lifeboat's tractor sits underneath a grey sky. The words '2 callouts in 24 hours' overlay the image

Callout 28.01.21 | 12:50

Sidmouth Lifeboat launched to provide safety cover to a cliff rescue operation, being undertaken by Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, of a young woman who had slipped off the coast path, fallen 100 feet down the cliff and was on a ledge 80 feet above the rocks between Beer and Seaton.

The NPAS Helicopter was also in attendance to help locate the lady.

After the rescue operation had been successfully completely, Sidmouth Lifeboat returned to station at 13:58.

A great multi-agency response with a very good outcome. Thank you to all involved.

Boat Crew:
Jim Brewster
Graham Trude
Dave Pearce
Toby Hoggarth

Tractor Driver:
Peter Rosenfeld

Sidmouth Lifeboat returns to station after its latest callout

Callout 27.01.21 | 23:25

Tasked alongside Beer Coastguard Rescue Team and Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team to assist Devon & Cornwall Police with an incident on the coast.

After a good result, Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down at 00:20.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Boat crew:

  • Simon Priestley
  • Tony Martin
  • Kyle Baker
  • Toby Hoggarth


  • Ian Fletcher

Shore Crew:

  • Jim Brewster
  • Peter Rosenfeld


  • Phil Shepperd
Sidmouth Lifeboat's tractor Mary Taylor sits in the dark outside the lifeboat station after responding to a shout

Callout 11.01.21 | 18:01

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked following reports of a kayaker who had come ashore near Budleigh and was in a disorientated state.

The lifeboat launched and proceeded to the mouth of the River Otter, where the person in question had been located with a dinghy by Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team on the other side of the river. The casualty was cut off by the tide and showing signs of hypothermia.

Lifeboat crew swam across the river, which was running hard, to reach the casualty’s position and brought him back across, where he was then handed to Exmouth Coastguard and South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Sidmouth Lifeboat was then stood down.

Many thanks to all involved.

Helm: Tony Martin

Boat Crew: Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker, Dave Pearce

Tractor: Ian Fletcher

Although the boathouse is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sidmouth Lifeboat’s volunteer crew is still on call 24/7. If you’d like to donate to Sidmouth Lifeboat, please head here.

Sidmouth Lifeboat Logo

Callout 01.01.21 | 20:18

Tasked to assist Devon & Cornwall police and Beer Coastguard Rescue Team in search for a high risk missing person. Stood down on launch. Many thanks to all involved.

Callout 11.11.20 | 08:47

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard Rescue team, after concerns were raised for a dinghy with two males aboard heading out to Beer Head in heavy swell. Sidmouth Lifeboat arrived on scene as Beer Coastguard had reached the casualties, whose dinghy had washed up on the rocks. Beer and Lyme Coastguard teams assisted the two casualties up to the cliff top, where they were interviewed by the police and given plenty of safety advice about conditions and what safety equipment they should have been wearing or have with them. All units were then stood down. Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down at 09:46.

Boat crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Graham Trude, Dave Pearce, Toby Hoggarth.

Shore crew: Katrina McIlveen, Jim Brewster, Brian Taylor, Guy Bennett.

Tractor driver: Peter Rosenfeld

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Sea conditions: Wind SSW F 4-6

Sea state: Moderate sea, swell 1.5-2m

While back on station preparing the boat for service, the crew took part in a two minute silence in honour of Armistice Day. Today, we remember those who have served and/or lost their lives in wars across the world. #lestweforget

Callout 19.10.20 | 09:07

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard Rescue Team and Exmouth RNLI in a search from Ladram Bay to Weston Mouth, following reports of a kitesurf board being washed up on Ladram Bay.

The lifeboat launched, before being stood down on route to Ladram Bay, as confirmation was received that the board in question had been washed off Exmouth beach yesterday.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Callout 09.10.20 | 22:18

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Devon and Cornwall police, Beer Coastguard and Exmouth Coastguard with a search for a person in the Peak Hill area of Sidmouth.Concerns for the welfare of a lady had been raised by a member of the public.

Sidmouth Lifeboat undertook a shoreline search from Sidmouth to Ladram Bay, the police helicopter searched from the air, Beer and Exmouth coastguards teams searched from Sidmouth to Ladram Bay on land.

No persons were found and with no reports of anybody missing the search was called off.

Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down around 00:00.As usual, many thanks to everyone involved.

Boat Crew: Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker, Tony Martin, Martin Barnard

Shore Crew: Paul May, Cameron Baker

Tractor Driver: Ian Fletcher

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Callout 15.09.20 | 22:10

Sidmouth Lifeboat launched to assist Exmouth RNLI ALB and ILB and Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team to search for a stand up paddleboarder, last seen of one mile off Budleigh Salterton.

The lifeboat carried out a close inshore search from Sidmouth to Weston in a stiff offshore NW wind, utilising infrared and search lights to conduct a thorough nighttime search of area, before being stood down at 22:47 with nothing found.

A member of the public has since came forward with further information stating that the person concerned was safe and well. If you’d like to follow our progress whilst on a call out, as well as the progress of other lifeboats and marine traffic, you can do so via apps and websites such as ShipFinder and MarineTraffic.

Crew: Simon Priestley, Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker, Jim Brewster

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Tractor Driver: Ian Fletcher

Shore Crew: Toby Hoggarth, Brian Taylor, Peter Rosenfeld, Martin Barnard