Callouts 25.08.21 | 18:35

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to two persons reported to be in difficulty on Little Picket Rock. On arrival, the Lifeboat assessed both individuals and determined they were well and both wearing wetsuits.

Due to the rising tide, the Lifeboat monitored their progress back to Jacobs Ladder Beach where they were met by Beer Coastguard Rescue Team and provided with safety advice.

Just after being stood down from the first tasking, but while still on the water, Sidmouth Lifeboat was re-tasked to reports of two paddleboarders in difficulty in the tidal waters by Exmouth Harbour. Exmouth RNLI was also tasked.

On arrival, the Lifeboat identified the two individuals as having made it safely to the shore.

Stood down at approx. 20:30. Many thanks to all involved.

Helm: Tony Martin.

Tractor Drivers: Guy Bennet, Andy Horsely.

Boat Crew: Dave Pearce, Jim Brewster, Toby Hoggarth.

Shore Crew: Andy Mitchell, Cameron Baker, Ed Birch, Paul May.

Launch Authority: Ian Fletcher

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat
Photo: Cameron Baker
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