Sidmouth Beach Lifeguard Service Returns for 2023 Season

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat is delighted to be operating the Lifeguard service on Sidmouth beach again this year.

The Lifeguards will be back on duty for the May half term (Saturday 27th May until Sunday 4th June), after which the team will patrol the beach on the weekends only, until 17th July when full-time service will run until Sunday 10th September.

“We are pleased to welcome back five of last year’s Lifeguards, together with two new recruits for this season,” says Lifeguard project manager, Andrew Dean.

“As well as being fully qualified beach lifeguards, the team will complete additional first aid training and take part in exercises with other agencies, such as Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat, South Western Ambulance Service and HM Coastguard, over the summer months.

“We have also made some improvements to the lifeguard unit this year, adding a roof viewing platform to give the guards better visibility of the beach. A huge thanks goes to Kings Garden Centre for kindly providing storage for our lifeguard unit over the winter months.”

Last year the guards responded to over 100 incidents, from weaver fish stings and missing children, to broken bones and head injuries.

Working with Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat, HM Coastguard, the police and ambulance services, Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards were also involved in a number of major incidents, including an unexploded mortar round and numerous rock falls on East Beach. Day-to-day they provided endless safety advice, local knowledge and first aid.

All the guards are looking forward to a busy – and safe – summer on Sidmouth beach.

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