Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat respond to broken mayday call

Date: 12.03.23

Time paged: 12:27

Call out #: 4

Paged at 12:27 when Coastguard received a broken mayday call on their Beer Head aerial, from kayaker in trouble, no location received.

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was at sea at 12:36 and conducted a shoreline search from Sidmouth to Lyme Regis, with Lyme Lifeboat conducting a search eastwards.

Search stood down at 13:30 when kayaker was reported to have reached the shore near Lyme in an exhausted state.

Search stood down at 13:30, Sidmouth Lifeboat back at Sidmouth at 13:55.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Dave Pearce, Kyle Baker, Ed Birch.

Tractor Driver: Pete Rosenfeld

DLA: Andy Mitchell, Phil Shepperd

Shore Crew: Tony Martin, Jim Brewster, Cameron Baker, Paul May, Mark Davies, Adrian Blight.

Wind Speed: Force 3-4

Wind: SW

Visibility: Moderate

All enquiries:

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Kyle Baker Photography & Videography

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