Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat assists two persons cut off by tide at Beer Head

Date: 02.02.23

Time paged: 13:22

Callout #: 1

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to two persons cut off by the tide at Beer Head.

Sidmouth 2 was launched and on arrival, the two casualties were helped into the Lifeboat and taken back to Beer Beach, where they were handed over to the Coastguard.

Boat Crew: Jim Brewster (Helm), Kyle Baker

DLA: Si Priestley

Shore Crew: Ed Birch, Ben Lemaitre, Mark Davies, Naomi Cook

Wind Speed: Force 3

Wind: W

Visibility: Very Good

Note: Photograph for illustrative purposes only. It shows Sidmouth 2 in training. No photos were taken during the callout. Credit: Kyle Baker Photography

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