Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat rescues dog stranded on rocks

Date: 08.02.23

Time paged: 08:11

Callout #: 2

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard rescue a dog stranded on the rocks at King’s Hole, Beer.

Sidmouth 2 was launched and upon arriving on scene, the crew were able to place the bow against the rocks and assist the dog back to the shore, and to its grateful owners.

Many thanks to all involved.

Sidmouth 2 returns after assisting in the rescue of a dog stranded on the rocks at King’s Hole, Beer,

Boat Crew: Tony Martin (Helm), Graham Trude

DLA: Si Priestley

Shore Crew: Guy Bennett, Jim Brewster, Cameron Baker, Paul May, Mark Davies, Andy Horsley, Pete Rosenfeld, Al Fellows-Bennett, Ed Birch.

Wind Speed: Force 3

Wind: N

Visibility: Very Good

Note: Top photograph for illustrative purposes only. It shows Sidmouth 2 in training. No photos were taken during the callout. Credit: Kyle Baker Photography

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