Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat tasked to investigate small catamaran on rocks

Date: 24.08.22

Time Launched: 17:45

Call out #: 13

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to investigate a small catamaran on the rocks at Whitecliff between Seaton Hole and Beer beach. The boat was located in a cave entrance badly damaged, thankfully with no casualties. The crew made sure the boat was in a safe position, ready for later recovery by Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.


Boat crew: Guy Bennett (Helm), Ian Fletcher, Kyle Baker, Toby Hoggarth

Tractor Driver: Paul May

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Shore Crew: Jim Brewster, Ed Birch, Cameron Baker, Mark Davies, Andy Horsely, Pete Rosenfeld, Eric Morison, Al Fellows-Bennett


Wind Speed: Force 1

Wind: SW

Visibility: Good


All enquiries:

Attached photo for illustration purposes only. Credit: Kyle Baker

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