Summer arrives with two call outs for Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat in two days

Date: 04.06.23

Time paged: 19:52

Call out #: 9

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to reports of a possible body in the water off Clifton Beach. Coastguards arrived on scene first and confirmed the floating object was a piece of driftwood.

Sidmouth Lifeboat was then stood down and returned to the lifeboat station, while Sidmouth 2 was launched to remove the driftwood from the sea, to prevent the risk of potential future reporting.

After successfully collecting the object, Sidmouth 2 returned to shore at approximately 21:00.

Boat Crew: Kyle Baker (Helm), Ed Birch

Tractor Driver: Paul May

DLA: Andy Mitchell

Shore Crew: Guy Bennett, Ian Fletcher, Jim Brewster, Andy Hardy, Henry Williams, Al Fellows-Bennett, Adrian Blight

Wind Speed: Force 1-2

Wind: NE

Visibility: Good

Date: 05.06.23

Time paged: 17:57

Call out #: 10

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to a small yacht that had run aground by the Rock Islands. Sidmouth 2 was launched to assess the situation. The vessel was at anchor, but had drifted on the anchor closer to the shore and had taken on a small amount of water.

The Coastguard reported that this vessel had already required attendance twice on its journey, so the decision was made to move it to the safety of Exmouth Marina for the night.

Exmouth ALB was launched to rendezvous with Sidmouth 2 and complete the tow to the Marina.

Another successful multi-agency response with many thanks to all involved.

Boat Crew: Tony Martin (Helm), Jim Brewster

DLA: Si Priestley

Shore Crew: Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker, Ed Birch, Cameron Baker, Ben Lemaitre, Henry Williams

Wind Speed: Force 1-2

Wind: E

Visibility: Very Good

All enquired to

Photo: Simon Vacher

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