The arrival of summer brings a flurry of call outs for Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat

With the warmer weather continuing and plenty of activity taking place around the coastline, Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat has undergone four taskings in the last two weeks

Most recently, on the evening of Monday, 6th June 2023, Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to a small yacht that had run aground by the Rock Islands at Sidmouth Beach. Sidmouth Lifeboat’s Sea Rider, “Sidmouth 2” was launched to assess the situation. The vessel was found to be at anchor, but had drifted on the anchor closer to the shore and had taken on a small amount of water.

With the Coastguard reporting that this vessel had already required attendance twice on its journey, the decision was made to move it to the safety of Exmouth Marina for the night and Exmouth ALB was launched to rendezvous with Sidmouth 2 and complete the tow to the Marina.Less than 24 hours earlier, Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat has been tasked to reports of a possible body in the water off Clifton Beach. Coastguards arrived on scene first and confirmed the floating object was a piece of driftwood.

Sidmouth Lifeboat was then stood down and returned to the lifeboat station, while Sidmouth 2 was launched to remove the driftwood from the sea, to prevent the risk of potential future reporting. After successfully collecting the object, Sidmouth 2 returned to shore at approximately 21:00.

These two latest callouts follow a similar pattern of taskings a week prior. On Saturday, 27th May, Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat along with Sidmouth 2 were tasked to a casualty on Salcombe Beach with a suspected broken leg. The Lifeboat Crew administered First Aid on scene, before stretchering the casualty onto the Lifeboat and back to Sidmouth for transfer to A&E. Two days prior, the crew had also been involved in a multi-agency response at Otterton Ledge.

As the warm weather continues, Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat would like to remind everything that whether you are local or not, a novice or experienced – the sea can still catch you out. If you are going out on or near the water, please make sure you check the weather forecast and tides, and have the right safety equipment with you, including lifejackets.

Sidmouth Lifeboat is a self-funded independent lifeboat, on service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and all crew members are volunteers. If you would like to make a donation towards keeping the boat maintained and crew trained and equipped, please head to


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