Swift response by Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat to Kayaker in the water off Branscombe Beach

Date: 04.09.23

Time tasked: 12:25

Call out #: 15

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat received an urgent tasking to a person in the water, holding onto their Kayak approximately 100m off Branscombe Beach.

The boat launched and proceeded to the location, where the crew were able to locate the casualty very quickly, despite fairly choppy sea conditions.

After getting the casualty onboard and conducting an initial First Aid assessment, the lifeboat took the casualty took to Branscombe Beach, where the Coastguard was able to carryout further First Aid treatment.

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat then returned to retrieve the kayak and return it back to Branscombe. Although the casualty had been in the water for approximately 1 hour, they were deemed well enough to return home without further treatment.   

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat would like to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a lifejacket or appropriate buoyancy aid when out on the water and keeping a phone or appropriate radio with you at all times. Research has proven that wearing a lifejacket can increase your chances of survival by up to four times if you’re immersed in cold water. No matter how experienced you are, the sea can always surprise you and a lifejacket or buoyancy aid could save your life.

Boat Crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm), Kyle Baker, Graham Trude, Mark Davies

Tractor Driver: Pete Rosenfeld

Shore Crew: Jim Brewster, Andy Horsely, Henry Williams, Simon Vacher, Toby Hoggarth

Wind speed: Force 3-4

Wind: E

Visibility: Very Good

Photo credit: Simon Vacher

All enquiries: media@sidmouthlifeboat.org.uk

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