Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards respond to hot weather with extended service.

It might be feeling a little cooler this morning, but that’s not to say the heat of the last few days is over.

Due to the extreme weather conditions – and the expected increase in people using our beaches to keep cool – Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards will be starting full-time service earlier than planned.

The Lifeguards have been on duty at weekends since the end of May, but will provide a seven-day-a-week service from this Thursday 21st July, after completing a three-day advanced first aid course. Full time service will continue until the end of the school holidays at the beginning of September as planned.

With the Met Office amber warning of extreme heat, we are expecting to see high temperatures and high volumes of people at the beach. To stay safe at the seaside in these conditions:

🔴 Apply suncream regularly (especially after exiting the water).

🔴 Stay in the shade when the sun as its strongest.

🔴 Wear protective clothing such as sun hats, t-shirts and sunglasses.

🔴 Stay hydrated. Make sure to pack plenty of drinking water if you are heading out in the sun.

🔴 Choose a lifeguarded beach.
🔴 Know what to do in an emergency. Make sure you have a means to call for help and If you do see anyone in distress in the sea, along the coast or on the beach – dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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