Sidmouth Lifeboat assists in safe detonation of WW2 Ordinance Device

Date: 25.07.22

Time Launched: 16.15

Callout #: 6

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to set-up and patrol an exclusion area, seaward of Jacob’s Ladder, Sidmouth.

A World War II ordinance device had been found, and was subsequently safely detonated by the Royal Navy Explosive Unit.


Boat Crew: Si Priestley (Helm), Jim Brewster, Toby Hoggarth, Ben Lemaitre

Tractor Driver: Graham Trude

Shore Crew: Brian Taylor, Andy Hardy, Pete Rosenfeld, Andy Mitchell, Phil Shepperd

DLA: Ian Fletcher

Wind speed:  Force 2-3

Wind: NW

Visibility: Good

Max Wave Height (m): 0.5

Persons assisted: N/a


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